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The Little Pink Ant ILLUSTRATED by Antoinette Starkiewicz ©

The Little Pink Ant was created by the imagination of Anastasia to help creatures solve problems in gardens all over the world. The Little Pink Ant is very intelligent and helps other garden creatures by thinking. She is not an “action hero”—she is a “thinking hero”!

When an “action hero” is needed, the Little Pink Ant is helped by Mapuf, the magic propeller umbrella flower. He is a magic sundew flower which can fly, and he has big sharp teeth which he uses to protect the Little Pink Ant from bad creatures.

Anastasia lives in a big house and a lovely garden with her father. She is a little girl with a huge imagination. Wanting a special friend of her very own who was invisible to other humans, Anastasia imagined that one ant in her garden was pink and walked on two legs—just like a person.

Anastasia thought the mother and father of the Little Pink Ant would worry if their daughter was too different from them and the other ants, so Anastasia imagined that all the ants in her garden walked on two legs.

However, the Little Pink Ant is extra-special because only she is pink and only she can understand what people say. The Little Pink Ant loves everyone, especially children and of course her friend Anastasia.

Anastasia also understood that ants are very very small, and are sometimes hard for other garden creatures to see. Thus, Anastasia imagined a special magic magnifying glass so that other creatures could always see the Little Pink Ant. Whenever big garden creatures look at the Little Pink Ant they always see her through this magic magnifying glass—and she thus seems bigger than she really is.

Anastasia’s father is a famous gardener who travels all over the world to solve problems in gardens. He often takes Anastasia with him and the Little Pink Ant goes too, traveling in Anastasia’s pink diamond locket.

Little Pink Ant and Anastasia

Starting with Anastasia’s home and garden, there are many adventures in store for the Little Pink Ant, where she will show the qualities that make her truly special.

Some of these adventures began with children in gardens all over the world writing to the Little Pink Ant (by email) and telling her about creature problems in their gardens.

Of course, little girls grow up—and so do Little Pink Ants!

As Anastasia becomes older and understands more of the world, the Little Pink Ant also changes. In each successive “book” (set of stories of her experiences), the Little Pink Ant becomes wiser. At first she just wanted the same physical things that most little girls want (pets, dolls etc), but over time she comes to understand the importance of trying to make gardens all over the world better places to live.

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